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Where Can I Buy This?

This question sums up our event perfectly. Our meals were met with impressed students who loved them just as much as we do. We managed to tempt them away from the box of chocolates on the table next to us (A pretty big achievement if you ask us). We know that cooking on a budget often determines what students cook and they see the unhealthy option as the easiest. We’re determined to show everyone that following a super clean diet is easy, beneficial and delicious. So, put down the Dominos voucher you’ve clung to since Freshers and let us educate you on the glorious world of superfoods. A superfood is full of nutrients and is beneficial for our overall health and well-being and have properties which are considered to prevent disease. This may seem daunting but a superfood can range from the humble Banana to the less well known Maca powder. They come in huge varieties and are so easy to incorporate into your diet.

We went to the event with boxes of our meals and we left empty handed. It was great to see the students sitting down and enjoying a meal as opposed to wolfing down a sandwich as they run to their lectures. Students were chatting and comparing meals, discussing the ingredients, and commenting that they had never tasted some of those included before.
Nathan said “There are so many different flavours for a fair price. There are lots of ingredients… it would be good if it was at University” Well Nathan, you’re in luck because we are also going to be in the University of Liverpool Sports centre. We want students to improve their wellbeing through introducing superfoods into their diet as well as balancing this with exercise.  That’s why we’re doing the hard work for you and packing our meals with phytochemicals, nutrients, minerals and vitamins to ensure your body is getting what it needs daily.

You might be thinking that all this sounds too good to be true for students surviving on a budget but the prices for our Large Bites range from £3.95 to £4.65.  Daniel, a student at the University of Liverpool thinks that our Large Bites are a “great price considering it is in a city. So healthy and I love the superfood element.” We’re here to promote a change of lifestyle… not to rip you off. Our meals are filling, nutritious and easy on the bank balance.
So, not to brag but the event was a success… We can’t wait to meet more of you soon at our superfood cafes located at the Accelerator Building on Daulby Street and the University of Liverpool Sports Centre.