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University of Liverpool Sports Performance and Elite Athletes

We’re super proud and excited to be sponsoring the University of Liverpool’s Sports Performance and Elite athletes! We met with them on Tuesday 21st November and Wednesday 22nd November and had a busy (but fun) day of photographing the students in their lovely new tops. We met with the Women’s Netball Team, the Women’s Hockey Team, Elite Athletes, the Volleyball Team, the Fencing Team and the Water Polo Team.

We’re not only going to be giving them their new tops, we’re also going to be doing a range of other activities to ensure that the sportsmen and sportswomen are achieving their highest potential! We’ve already delivered a lecture on superfoods to the Strength and Conditioning team which was a huge success and we are excited to continue to offer similar services to our other sponsored Performance and Elite Athletes at the University.

Danielle Farrell (Sport Development Officer for University of Liverpool) provided some insight into the scheme:
“The elite athletes are chosen due to the level at which they play their sport, alongside the commitment they show to their training and future sporting ambitions. The scheme is to help students achieve a dual career, by performing their best both academically and within their chosen sport. Alongside strength and conditioning training the athletes get access to a range of services alongside a cash contribution.” Pretty great scheme if you ask us!

Danielle also commented that “the sponsorship from Bite Club will help each athlete with their nutritional needs as it provides a quick and easy fix for them at the centre of campus and is the next step to improving our scheme.”
We’re super happy to know that by providing nutritional advice we will be able to help them to achieve their sporting and academic goals. We can recommend which foods we believe they should incorporate into their diets to enhance their energy levels, repair muscle damage, improve their immune system and even to help them get a better night’s sleep! (We know how essential this can be for students!)

Our meals contain superfoods which are specially chosen because of their nutritional benefits. We want to educate everyone on the benefits of each ingredient in our meals as well as showing you how easily you can incorporate them into your own diets. We will be doing this through delivering nutritional talks and workshops. All our Elite and Performance Athletes will be Nutritional Geniuses before you know it!