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HomeHealth & WellbeingSuperfood of the Week: Edamame Beans

Superfood of the Week: Edamame Beans

Edamame Beans

Here is our segment of Superfood of the Week- everybody’s favourite time of the week (we hope!)

This time the spotlight is on Edamame beans- a plant based source of protein which is super yummy (always a bonus). They are a young soy bean which is harvested early and thrown into stardom in the big wide world. This nutritious legume is a tasty, low-calorie option which you can easily utilise in your daily diet. Although they may not be magical enough to grow a beanstalk, the benefits for your body are too good to ignore!


What are the Benefits?
As we mentioned, Edamame beans are a complete source of dietary protein. These generous beans deliver the nine essential amino acids needed in our diet that humans are unable to make themselves. This means that for you vegans and vegetarians out there who can’t get your protein from meat, Edamame Beans are a must to include in your diet! This superfood is packed with numerous minerals and vitamins needed to maintain a healthy lifestyle.  One of these essential vitamins is folate which helps the production of red blood cells and allows us to access energy in foods. It encourages the growth of our cells and tissues, and is great for our cardiovascular health. Edamame beans are also a brill source of Manganese, which is required for our brain and nerves to function normally.  This hardworking mineral also plays a role in helping our metabolism and regulating our blood- sugar levels, preventing osteoporosis and fighting free radicals! (Manganese definitely deserves a medal!) Copper is also present in this brilliant bean, and helps to lower cholesterol, and maintain healthy bones, healthy blood and a healthy nervous system. It also boosts your immune system and allows your cells to create usable energy.


Recipe Ideas

Bean Salad
This is the kind of recipe which allows you to be as creative as you want! Try ingredients such as kale, quinoa, carrots, broccoli and finish with a sprinkling of seeds and nuts.

Green Buddha Bowl
Green is the key in this recipe! A Buddha Bowl consists of using a variety of healthy ingredients to make a nutritious meal. The possibilities are endless! Why not try combining edamame beans, broccoli, avocado, coriander and topping the bowl with an egg (prepared how you wish). You could also sprinkle some seeds or nuts to complete the dish.

As a snack
This one may seem obvious, but edamame can make a tasty snack served simply by itself. Begin by steaming/boiling the edamame beans for a few minutes and once they are tender remove them. Add toppings such as sesame seeds, ginger or garlic.


Edamame Beans at Bite Club
We’re edamame beans number one fan here at Bite Club, we looove them. That’s why we include them in the majority of our Big Bites. Try The Moroccan, Asian Prawn Noodles, Asian Chicken Noodles, The Mediterranean, Japanese Chili Salmon or our Chicken Buddha Bowl to get your fix of Edamame Beans.