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HomeHealth & WellbeingSuperfood of the Week- Quinoa

Superfood of the Week- Quinoa


This week’s instalment of Superfood of the Week is about the holy grain Quinoa (please remember to worship responsibly)
Food bloggers love it, Nutritionists love it, we love it… and after you read the nutritional benefits you will definitely love it too!


What are the benefits?

You Bite Club enthusiasts may already be fully aware of many of the benefits of Quinoa, but, the benefits are that good that we cannot resist listing them again! This grain is a super duper source of Manganese, which supports your nervous and circulatory systems, as well as supporting many chemical processes such as energy production. This great grain also contains all the nine essential amino acids, which our body cannot make itself, so it is essential that we get these amino acids from our food. Quinoa also contains iron, which helps to keep our red blood cells healthy!


Recipe Ideas

Stuffed Peppers
Why not try a fun spin on this sometimes-predictable recipe by incorporating quinoa? Hollow out your peppers, and then team with any ingredients you want! We particularly enjoy incorporating garlic, parsley, chilli, aubergine or chicken.

Chicken Nuggets
Before you start questioning our healthy reputation hear us out! Our chicken nuggets still get ‘good for you’ status, and don’t include all gross bits that our fast food friends include in their chicken nuggets.  Start by getting some boneless chicken breasts, slice them into small pieces, cover in wholegrain flour, then liquid egg and finish off with some cooked quinoa- perfect!


Quinoa at Bite Club

Here at Bite Club we try to incorporate this grain in to as many dishes as possible! The following dishes all contain Quinoa: Chinese Prawn and Fried Wild Rice, Chicken Chicken & Fried Wild Rice, The Mediterranean, The Moroccan and the Chicken Buddha Bowl. Get your Quinoa fix by ordering via the app or in-store!