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Plant Based Proteins

The sophisticated name may make a plant based protein appear more complicated than they are, but in fact a plant based protein has the same benefits as their meat and dairy counterparts.  Although when we think of protein we may think of gym addicts with protein shakes in hand, protein is a crucial nutrient needed by everyone to maintain a balanced diet. Protein builds and sustains tissues as well as repairing them (It’s so hardworking!) Protein is essential in building bones, muscles, cartilage, skin and blood. Choosing a plant based protein is not only beneficial for you, but for the whole planet as it cuts carbon emissions and can ensure we maintain a sustainable planet. Try and make your Meatless Monday a more regular occurrence on a weekday with the incorporation of plant based proteins.

As if this wasn’t enough a plant based protein is also a complete protein as it contains all nine of the essential amino acids in adequate amounts, which are necessary for our dietary needs as our body is unable to make these itself. One of the nine essential amino acids is Leucine which stimulates muscle strength and growth as well as regulating your blood sugar. Foods rich with Leucine include sunflower seeds and wholegrain rice. Another source of protein is our small but mighty friend Legumes, which includes red kidney beans, chickpeas and black-eyed beans (include Black Eyed Peas pun here) and help to support your digestive and heart health.  The possibilities are endless with legumes, try incorporating them into your diet in salads, soups, dips, pasta or side dishes.