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Meet our Nutritionist!

We’re constantly bombarded with nutrition claims- but how do we know what to believe?
To help you determine the facts from the fiction, we’ve got our in-house nutritionist on hand to keep you informed with reliable information, forget the fads and provide answers to any burning question you may have!

To help you navigate the world of health and wellbeing, we’ve decided to host a Q&A session with our in-house nutritionist on every Wednesday beginning from the 14th November. Just tweet us with #BCKallum, comment on our Facebook post or reply to our Instagram story (we will give you the option to ask a question every day!)


Tell us a bit about yourself
I am a nutritionist with interest in the effects of dietary consumption, lifestyles and habits on Cardiometabolic health (Cardiovascular disease, type 2 diabetes and metabolic syndrome) and its links to obesity; one of the major concerns facing public health currently. I am enthused and excited by research in dietary habits and popular current diets such as low carbohydrate high fat (ketogenic) diet and intermittent fasting/time-restricted eating. I have a strong passion for bodybuilding. I previously competed but now partake for recreational purposes. 


Where and what did you study at University?
I studied at Liverpool John Moores University for four years, my undergraduate degree was in Food Design and Technology and most previously I have just completed my Masters of Science in Public Health and Nutrition


Why did you choose this course?
Originally, I studied Food with an interest to become a teacher in the subject, similar to my granny. However, my passion for nutrition and health developed over the course and I decided to further my studies in the MSc to become a nutritionist.


What are your top tips as a nutritionist?
There are so many! But first and foremost, moderation is key! Nobody is saying you can never eat a chocolate bar or a packet of crisps, these are great for a treat! However, it is important to find a balance of healthy nutritious foods across your diet with a treat from time to time.


What are your top tips for anyone who may want to lose a bit of weight before Christmas?
Avoid high sugar fizzy drinks! Research shows that sugary drinks are strongly associated with obesity, type 2 diabetes and heart disease. A typical can of coke (330ml) has 35g of sugar in! This is already exceeding the government recommendations for added sugar intake outlined in the ‘Eatwell guide’ for an adult!


What is one of your favourite snacks?
Nuts! These are incredibly nutritious and healthy. despite being high in fat they are packed with nutrients such as fibre, Vitamin E, the B vitamins and the mineral magnesium. However, try to avoid nuts that are coated in salt or sugar.


Why do you enjoy working at Bite Club?
I understand the importance and benefits of a nutritious diet, which is also important for our overall health and wellbeing. Bite Club packs this with a punch of flavour and nutritious meals and snacks that are full of superfood ingredients (nutrient-packed foods with great health benefits)


Follow us at @BiteClubKitchen on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter to submit your questions to Kallum for our weekly Wednesday Q&A.