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HomeHealth & WellbeingKingdom of the Microbiome

Kingdom of the Microbiome




It has been estimated that your gut may contain up to one hundred trillion bacteria, some fungi, viruses and simple primitive animals called protozoa. These have evolved with us creating an amazing massively complex, complicated and eco system within our bodies.


Think of this eco system like a rainforest, filled with life and thousands of species all co-existing but also competing. Keeping your internal biome healthy is absolutely critical to regulating body weight, maintain balanced energy levels, protecting your gut, regulating your entire immune system, reducing coughs and colds.


This biome of billions of friends that work with us and for us also take the food that our bodies cant naturally digest and convert them into hormones and other chemicals.


At Bite Club, every mouthful of our deliciously nutritious food not only feeds and powers your body with superfood ingredients, but is designed to keep all your little friends down there working and fighting to keep you healthy and looking good.


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