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Italian Chicken Pasta and Quinoa

We know how much you all love pasta, which is why we’ve decided to add two new dishes to our menu- with a superfood twist of course! Pasta is sometimes all we crave after a workout, which is why our pasta is a whopping 350g of goodness. Compare this to rival supermarkets whose pasta offerings are a mere 300g of processed nonsense and we think the better option becomes obvious.. Our pasta is filling as well as good for you, which is why we’re giving you the breakdown of each ingredient included!


Chicken has a high protein content, and is also lean and low in fat which helps our muscles grow and develop.  These muscles include heart tissue, skeletal muscle and smooth muscle found in the walls of your intestines.  This in turn prevents muscle wastage, as the protein protects your muscles. So, throw away the anti-aging creams and simply enjoy a lean chicken breast instead. Chicken helps you to feel fuller for longer, which can be pretty handy if you’re trying to lose weight. Chicken, like all poultry, provides B vitamins which helps to reduce fatigue and tiredness and enables your body to access the energy in foods.

Organic Wholemeal Fusilli Pasta
Wholemeal pasta is a healthy (but still delicious) replacement for its less healthy counterpart white pasta. It is also high in dietary fibre, which is good news for your digestive health! It is also a type of carbohydrate known as a macronutrient which is essential for our body. This is because they give us energy and support our brain and nervous system. It is also rich in selenium (an antioxidant that boosts immunity), phosphorous (aids cell and tissue repair and reduces muscle soreness after intense workouts), and magnesium (helps increase our energy levels and great for nervous system and muscle function).

Chia Seeds
Chia seeds are full of fibre which keep us feeling full for longer, which stops us getting the munchies five minutes after we’ve eaten. They also contain Omega-3 fatty acids which are renowned for their anti-inflammatory effects, as well as improving our heart and brain health. These small seeds are also a sauce of calcium (helps to build strong bones and teeth), iron (treats anemia, helps increase energy levels), phosphorous (helps maintain strong bones and great for our metabolism), zinc (helps maintain a healthy immune system and helps wounds heal properly), and niacin (maintains skin health and helps to lower cholesterol levels).

Flax Seeds
These tiny seeds hold so many benefits! They contain the nutrient phosphorus which keeps our bones and teeth healthy, as well as allowing us to access the energy in our foods. They also help to lower cholesterol due to their soluble fibre content. Flax seeds are a source of calcium which helps blood clotting and maintains strong bones and teeth. Calcium prevents high blood pressure and may also protect against colon and prostate cancer.

This wheat-free alternative is a complete protein and a multi-use ingredient. It also contains all of the nine essential amino acids, including lysine which are mainly absent in other grains. It is a slowly digested carbohydrate as it is naturally high in dietary fibre, meaning it provides us with a slow release of energy. Quinoa is a source of Vitamin E which maintains healthy eyes, heart, skin and immune system. Vitamin E also helps to protect against cancers and cataracts.

Edamame Beans
This plant protein is a great addition to your diet, as they contain the nine essential amino acids needed in our diet which humans cannot create themselves. This superfood is a source of the mineral potassium, which helps our heart work properly as well as helping to control the balance of fluids in the body.

Sweetcorn is a source of carotene, which improves skin and eye health and also a fab source of fibre, which maintains a healthy digestive system and helps to reduce our cholesterol levels!

Sun Blushed Tomatoes
Tomatoes are a great superfood choice if you want to improve your heart health (who wouldn’t want to?). This is because a red carotenoid found in tomatoes called Lycopene, a powerful antioxidant which protects us from a whole host of diseases.

Peas are a super source of folate, which is required for the creation of red blood cells. They are also loaded with antioxidants such as Vitamin C (protects cells that make up the immune system) and Vitamin E (great for healthy skin and eyes).

This superfood is a fab source of potassium, which can lower blood pressure and reduce anxiety and stress levels. Potassium helps our brain function at a normal level, as the increased oxygen levels to the brain increase cognitive function.


Chicken and Pasta are one of the dreamiest combos, don’t you agree? With our superfood makeover, this dish has never been tastier or healthier!