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The Great British Germ Hunt

‘Without microbes, there would be no life on earth.’

Channel 4’s Great British Germ Hunt delved into the hot topic of bacteria, showing how bacteria are everywhere- from a door handle to our skin. There are tens of trillions of bacteria that live on our skin or in our gut, and we owe our survival to them as they’re integral to your health.

The show discussed Bite Club’s favourite topic- the microbiome.
For a quick recap- the microbiome is a complex system that contains trillions of different species of bacteria. Your microbiome is the link between you and the outside world, as everything you do or eat is first processed by these clever bacteria. That’s why it is so important to look after your bacteria, as even following a poor diet can have a negative impact on the health of your microbiome. One of the most important microbiomes can be found in our gut, as this is where most of the microbes live.

The show celebrates bacteria and aims to show that bacteria shouldn’t be perceived as bad and causing disease- as some strains of bacteria are essential for maintaining your overall health and wellbeing. The Great British Germ Hunt reaffirms that there are good and bad bacteria in our body, and we need healthy bacteria to keep deadly pathogens in check.

The Great British Germ Hunt conducted a social experiment involving festival-goers. The participants were tested as the festival began and then three days later. To the shock of the participants, the variety of microbes in their microbiome had increased by the end of the festival. This proved that good and bad bacteria play a vital part in our overall health, and exposure to environments such as a muddy festival can be better for your biome rather than an over-reliance on extremely clean environments and overuse of antibiotics. Interestingly, the show conducted a study across the UK found the healthiest microbes were in Kensington, London. This was due to a more diverse and healthier diet of people who lived in this area. This lends evidence to the view that your diet is directly linked to the health of your microbiome.

Head on over to 4od to check out this programme, we thoroughly recommend it to help understand the how good and bad bacteria play a role in our overall health.

Bite Club meals are scientifically designed to include a whole range of nutritious ingredients that are all there for a reason- the same way that all the bacteria in your microbiome is there for a reason! Our food is loaded with prebiotics and probiotics needed to maintain a healthy and happy microbiome. Head on over to our Health & Wellbeing blog to find out more about the marvellous microbiome.