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Believe it or not… all salmon is not made equal. It is believed that overfishing, chemical pollution and genetic mutation from toxic exposures is affecting the quality of farmed fish- something that millions of people consume everyday, unaware of the health dangers.   During a recent investigation into

Although greasy processed foods may make you feel good in the moment, we’re pretty sure that you don’t feel so great afterwards. Eating fresh foods can help to boost your mood, which is why we’ve decided to list some of our favourites.   Avocado The creamy texture

Type 2 Diabetes is increasing in the UK and already accounts for 10% of the NHS budget this is equal to a cost of one and a half million pounds every hour.  Four million people in the UK and it is estimated that there are

It’s quite amazing when you think about our body’s ability to heal itself. If we suffer a tiny cut or infection- no problem! Our body’s immune system sends specialised white blood cells to the affected area which help to prevent the spread of the infection

With lots of scientific jargon being thrown around, the world of gut health can often be tricky to understand. That’s why we’ve outlined some of the key terms you need to understand gut health and to maximise the power of your Microbiome! The Gut This organ is

Calling all Sugarholics - we’re here to motivate you to kick your habit. It’s often difficult to ignore the temptation of sugary drinks and treats when it seems that we are encouraged to buy that extra bag of chocolate rather than a piece of fruit. It

Although these two terms are really similar, they have two different (but very important) jobs to do in your body. Having a gut feeling has never been more important as it is becoming increasingly known how critical your gut health is to your overall health-