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What is inflammation? Inflammation is our body’s form of self-defence and is how the body attempts to heal itself after an injury, defend itself against bacteria and viruses and repair damaged tissue. If we suffer a tiny cut or infection- no problem! Our body’s immune system

‘Without microbes, there would be no life on earth.’ Channel 4’s Great British Germ Hunt delved into the hot topic of bacteria, showing how bacteria are everywhere- from a door handle to our skin. There are tens of trillions of bacteria that live on our skin

Are your energy levels low? Then your diet may be the culprit.   We’ve listed some of our favourite superfoods to include in your diet, packed with vitamins and minerals to help you take on the day! We recommend avoiding processed and artificial foods that provide you

Fibre can be found in heaps of nutritious foods- and is super important to incorporate into your diet. The main purpose of fibre is to keep your digestive system functioning and healthy. Eating plenty of fibre has been linked with a lower risk of heart

We all know how important our heart is, but did you know that your diet could heavily damage this vital organ? Heart disease is a choice- change your diet and change your life forever. Heart disease is a leading cause of death in the UK

Although greasy processed foods may make you feel good in the moment, we’re pretty sure that you don’t feel so great afterwards. Eating fresh foods can help to boost your mood, which is why we’ve decided to list some of our favourites.   Avocado The creamy texture

Type 2 Diabetes is increasing in the UK and already accounts for 10% of the NHS budget this is equal to a cost of one and a half million pounds every hour.  Four million people in the UK and it is estimated that there are

It’s quite amazing when you think about our body’s ability to heal itself. If we suffer a tiny cut or infection- no problem! Our body’s immune system sends specialised white blood cells to the affected area which help to prevent the spread of the infection

With lots of scientific jargon being thrown around, the world of gut health can often be tricky to understand. That’s why we’ve outlined some of the key terms you need to understand gut health and to maximise the power of your Microbiome! The Gut This organ is