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HomeBite Club BlogAnd this is where the magic happens…

And this is where the magic happens…

We are lucky enough to have the Life Sciences Accelerator building as one of our homes. It is a beautiful, new building which has only recently opened and has a lot going on inside. We love it here and here is why you should love it too!

What is it?
Accelerator is a part of the Liverpool Life Sciences Health Campus and is host to a whole range of exciting new ventures. It is a 25m project between the Royal Liverpool & Broadgreen University Hospital and the Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine. It provides business support and commercialisation, laboratory space and networking facilities in the form of meeting rooms and our Bite Club superfood cafe. This will help new life sciences businesses to continue to grow and thrive in Liverpool!

Why is it important?
Accelerator has a specific focus on ‘disease resistance’ which includes tropical diseases which are often neglected including Malaria and Zika. This new building hosts state of the art labs and insectaries, which means that some of our neighbours are mosquitos which are being tested to find potential cures or medicine to combat malaria. Liverpool School of Medicine and the Royal Hospital have an alternative way to approaching research in the health sector and will contribute to making a significant difference to health locally, and ultimately globally. This is a central move to Liverpool’s vision to expand into a city centre health campus. This is possible due to many factors, one being generous donations from Bill Gates’ charity The Gates Foundation which in 2016 pledged to donate £3 billion of funding over a five year period in order to enable The Liverpool School of Medicine to keep undertaking this important research into tropical diseases. This is important as it the World Health Organization reported that in 2015 there were 429,000 malaria deaths worldwide in 2015. This is why LSTM’s research is necessary to try and find a cure for this deadly disease.

Why is Bite Club located there?
Bite Club is focused on making an impact on the health sector in a new and exciting way. Our meals are nutritious, filling and freshly made in our kitchens which enable us to ensure that only the healthiest and finest ingredients are included. We want to provide a service which is unmet by larger companies whose so-called healthy foods are not as they appear. You can view Bite Club as working with the ‘science of food’ as our recipes are packed with nutrients, superfoods, minerals and phytochemicals which are generally considered to improve health and wellbeing. We want to create meals which are a form of medicine for our bodies, meaning that the ingredients can evoke some pretty amazing benefits.

Now you know everything there is to know about Accelerator come and visit us at Daulby Street and see the building in all its glory yourself!