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A is for Antioxidant

Getting to grips with what we should be eating to maintain a balanced diet and support a healthy lifestyle can involve a fair bit of head scratching. Throw a whole bunch of healthy food jargon into the mix and it can become a little overwhelming. That’s why we’ve created the Bite Club A-Z of ‘science of food’ to bring you up to speed on your superfood lingo and reveal the real importance behind those foodie favourite words.

The buzziest of buzz words in the world of health foods. Antioxidants occur naturally in plant-based foods such as fruit, vegetables, tea, cocoa and dark chocolate (yes, chocolate!) Antioxidants are all about protecting our cells and preventing or even stopping damage caused by oxidants (get it? Antioxidants.) There are literally thousands of antioxidant compounds out there but some you have probably heard of include flavanols (found in dark chocolate), lycopene (found in tomatoes) and vitamin A (found in sweet potato), Vitamin C (yes oranges, but even more in broccoli & dark leafy greens), Vitamin E (nuts & seeds) and catechins (green tea).

It’s difficult to talk about antioxidants without bringing oxidants into the equation. Oxidants are free radicals found in the environments but are also produced naturally by the body to help us fend off viruses. Too many and they can cause serious damage and contribute to certain cancers and heart disease.

You need to have a balance of antioxidants to oxidants. Get your fill of antioxidants from a variety of natural sources that will load your cells and protect you from disease naturally.