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November 2018


Paige Williams is a professional football player for Birmingham City Football Club. 
As well as this, she is a Personal Trainer in Liverpool. You can find her on Instagram @paigewilliams10 and Twitter @paigewilliams03. We met Paige in the Accelerator (one of our BCK locations) where she

It’s time for our weekly instalment of our Q&A with #BCKallum! If you want to submit any questions for next week’s Q&A on Wednesday contact us via Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. I’ve recently cut out meat. Can you recommend other sources of protein? There are some good

We're constantly bombarded with nutrition claims- but how do we know what to believe? To help you determine the facts from the fiction, we've got our in-house nutritionist on hand to keep you informed with reliable information, forget the fads and provide answers to any burning

In honour of #StressAwarenessDay, we wanted to list some of our favourite stress-busting foods. Stress can affect us all in different ways every day, but food can help improve the negative consequences associated with stress. We know the feeling- work deadlines are looming or you’re