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November 2018


It’s time for our weekly instalment of our Q&A with #BCKallum! If you want to submit any questions for next week’s Q&A on Wednesday contact us via Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. I’ve recently cut out meat. Can you recommend other sources of protein? There are some good

We're constantly bombarded with nutrition claims- but how do we know what to believe? To help you determine the facts from the fiction, we've got our in-house nutritionist on hand to keep you informed with reliable information, forget the fads and provide answers to any burning

In honour of #StressAwarenessDay, we wanted to list some of our favourite stress-busting foods. Stress can affect us all in different ways every day, but food can help improve the negative consequences associated with stress. We know the feeling- work deadlines are looming or you’re

Struggling to find a way to jazz up your meals? Most of us reach for our herbs and spices to solve this problem but, herbs are much more than a way to season your food. Herbs are a way to increase the nutritional value of

We’re pretty loved up with our Luxury Granola here at Bite Club. Packed with natural and wholesome ingredients, this works great as a snack, breakfast- and everything else! We pair ours with Alpro Vanilla Soya Milk or Natural Yoghurt. Keep reading to find out more

In the famous words of the Spice Girls, we’re here to spice up your life - through the power of food of course! Herbs and spices shouldn’t be left neglected in a food cupboard and used occasionally to jazz up a meal, we recommend using

We all know how important the brain is, but do we all eat the correct foods to support it? Your brain is a super hard-working organ, and continues to work away even when you’re asleep! This vital organ looks after your breathing, heartbeat, senses and even your

We’ve got the scientific lowdown on the world of antioxidants and free radicals!         Free radicals have a particular role in the body in the form of killing intracellular bacteria as well as regulating local anti-inflammatory response in body tissue, healing and pain

Your eyes are complex organs that need many different vitamins and nutrients to function properly. At Bite Club our meals are based on high or 100% plant-based ingredients. These are selected from a bank of over 150 superfoods to maximize the probiotic value to your

Protein. The buzzword in the world of health and nutrition and an important component of a healthy and balanced diet. Plant-based foods are a great way to reach your recommended daily allowance of protein. As well as being a fab source of protein, plant-based foods