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August 2018


We’ve got the scientific lowdown on the world of antioxidants and free radicals!         Free radicals have a particular role in the body in the form of killing intracellular bacteria as well as regulating local anti-inflammatory response in body tissue, healing and pain

Your eyes are complex organs that need many different vitamins and nutrients to function properly. At Bite Club our meals are based on high or 100% plant-based ingredients. These are selected from a bank of over 150 superfoods to maximize the probiotic value to your

Protein. The buzzword in the world of health and nutrition and an important component of a healthy and balanced diet. Plant-based foods are a great way to reach your recommended daily allowance of protein. As well as being a fab source of protein, plant-based foods

What are legumes? Legumes fall into the vegetable family and can be classified as edible fruits or seeds of plants. They are packed with protein, fibre and heaps of vitamins and minerals. You’ll find many legumes in our signature Bite Club bean mix, such as chickpeas,

Are you tired of overusing Instagram filters? Do you want that glow that you’ve always dreamed of? Give up the search for the fountain of youth and load up your plate instead! Free radicals can cause damage to our skin and can accelerate the ageing process. Therefore, it

What is inflammation? Inflammation is our body’s form of self-defence and is how the body attempts to heal itself after an injury, defend itself against bacteria and viruses and repair damaged tissue. If we suffer a tiny cut or infection- no problem! Our body’s immune system

‘Without microbes, there would be no life on earth.’ Channel 4’s Great British Germ Hunt delved into the hot topic of bacteria, showing how bacteria are everywhere- from a door handle to our skin. There are tens of trillions of bacteria that live on our skin

Are your energy levels low? Then your diet may be the culprit.   We’ve listed some of our favourite superfoods to include in your diet, packed with vitamins and minerals to help you take on the day! We recommend avoiding processed and artificial foods that provide you

Fibre can be found in heaps of nutritious foods- and is super important to incorporate into your diet. The main purpose of fibre is to keep your digestive system functioning and healthy. Eating plenty of fibre has been linked with a lower risk of heart

We all know how important our heart is, but did you know that your diet could heavily damage this vital organ? Heart disease is a choice- change your diet and change your life forever. Heart disease is a leading cause of death in the UK