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October 2017

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We didn’t forget about you veggies when creating our new pasta dishes- although we think that this pasta dish is equally as tasty as our Italian Chicken Pasta and Quinoa. It also weighs 420g and is packed full of delicious superfoods (what else would you

We have some super exciting news. We listened to your comments, and your prayers have been answered- we are going to begin launching a breakfast range! Breakfast is perhaps the most important meal of the day, so we wanted to create some nutritiously delicious food

We’re proud of the amount of goodness packed into our foods- which is why we want to share with you all the health benefits of each specially chosen ingredient in our food. We’re going to begin with the Mediterranean, an exotic masterpiece which boasts a multitude

We have landed at our two new locations! Our Superfood cafe’s will be in the Accelerator Building on Daulby Street and in the University of Liverpool Sports and Fitness centre. We provide quick and easy food on the go for everyone who is need of

This question sums up our event perfectly. Our meals were met with impressed students who loved them just as much as we do. We managed to tempt them away from the box of chocolates on the table next to us (A pretty big achievement if

The sophisticated name may make a plant based protein appear more complicated than they are, but in fact a plant based protein has the same benefits as their meat and dairy counterparts.  Although when we think of protein we may think of gym addicts with