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December 2017


Now, we’re not trying to be the Spice Girls or anything, but we are well and truly ready to ‘Spice up your life’ with our new Mexican range of dishes. Our Mexican Superfood Bowl is vegan AND gluten free and is super yummy. In true

  KINGDOM OF THE MICROBIOME   It has been estimated that your gut may contain up to one hundred trillion bacteria, some fungi, viruses and simple primitive animals called protozoa. These have evolved with us creating an amazing massively complex, complicated and eco system within our bodies.   Think of

BITE CLUB exists to SUPPORT A COMPLETE HEALTHY LIFESTYLE with some of the WORLD’S HEALTHIEST FOODS, EDUCATIONAL and WELLBEING PROGRAMS. WE HELP PEOPLE make INFORMED CHOICES about how they IMPROVE their HEALTH, WELLBEING and eventual LONGEVITY.   We have extended our website to include a new ‘Health &

HEALTHY FOOD HEALTHY BODY HEALTHY MIND In a world where CANCER, DIABETES, OBESITY, HEART ATTACKS, STROKES and ALZHEIMERS are increasing in unprecedented proportions, ‘The real fight is in the kitchen’ and the food we eat has a fundamental impact on our HEALTH, BRAIN POWER, GOOD SLEEP, our

  This week’s instalment of Superfood of the Week is about the holy grain Quinoa (please remember to worship responsibly) Food bloggers love it, Nutritionists love it, we love it… and after you read the nutritional benefits you will definitely love it too!   What are the benefits? You Bite

  We know how much you all love our Asian Prawn Noodles, so we’ve decided to introduce a new prawn dish to the menu. Below is the nutritional breakdown for this new, delicious Big Bite, as well as all the good stuff each ingredient does for